Soil & Water Testing Laboratary

Soil testing is considered an important tool to assess plant nutrient needs and is also a very useful strategy to formulate crops and site-specific nutrient recommendations. Soil test based nutrient use optimizes economic returns and minimizes risk of environmental pollution, compared with injudicious application.

The quality of irrigation water is also crucial factor for long-term soil productivity. Poor quality water if used for a long term can make the soil less productive or even barren, depending on the amount and type of constituents present in it.

Therefore it becomes necessary to make available the facility of soil and water testing laboratory for analyzing the soil and water samples at minimal cost so that farming community of the area can ensure the optimum utilization of. Soil and Water Testing Laboratory

Soil and water-testing laboratory established at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dethali Kheda in 2010-11. The laboratory is well equipped with several modern equipments for analysis of nutrients in soil i.e. pH, Electrical Conductivity, Organic carbon, Available nitrogen, Available phosphorus, Available potassium, Sulphur content and to assess quality of irrigation water i.e. pH, Electrical connectivity, Residual sodium carbonate, Sodium adsorption ratio. The laboratory provides information on soil testing basis fertilizer recommendation, reclamation of problematic soils for maximizing the productivity by maintaining soil health.

Soil Sample Testing

♦ Soil Sample quantity required for testing : 500gm
♦ Time required for Testing : 7 days
♦ Report comprises soil properties and Integrated Nutrient Management Schedule.

Water Testing

Property Testing :
pH, EC, Cations( Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium) ,Anions (Carbonates, Bi-carbonates, Chloride), Sodium Absorption Ratio (SAR),Residual Sodium Carbonates RSC)
♦Water sample quantity required for testing : 1 Lit.
♦Time required for Testing : 2 days
♦Report comprises water quality properties and soil/crop Management practices.
Developed By : Pallav.Mandal & Ramashish Nishad(Gujarat Vidyapeeth)