Plant Health Clinic Lab

Farmers and consumers need healthy plants and quality plant derived products for consumption. Efforts to improve plant health have been evolving with increased understanding of plant ecology and pest management. In spite of success in controlling the crop pests, pesticides adversely affect public health and environment.

A major problem faced by the farmers is the attack by various pests and diseases in all cultivated crops. It is a known fact that the incidence of pests and diseases varies with weather, soil and ecology and a clear understanding of this variation is inevitable.

Plant health management will bring together management towards sustainable ecosystems and peoples health through Good Plant Protection Practice. Pest management strategies need to recognize that plant health is an essential element of sustainable agriculture. Improvements in integrated pest management can lead to sound crop health management.

The Plant health clinic was established in 2010-11 at KVK Campus. The objective for establishment the clinic to provide the service of diagnosis of different fungal, viral and bacterial disease and insect pest incidence and provide the right remedies for right time with cost effective.

  • Time required for Testing :1-2 days
Developed By : Pallav.Mandal & Ramashish Nishad(Gujarat Vidyapeeth)