Leaf Tissue Analysis Laboratory

Plant tissue analysis is a tool that can be used to fine-tune fertilizer management practices or to diagnosis nutrient related problems before it is too late. Plant tissue analysis measures the nutrient levels in growing crops. Test values are compared with established values for deficient, optimum and excess nutrient levels for a specific plant species. In this way, the nutritional health of the plant can be assessed and the supply and availability of nutrients to crops during the growing season can be evaluated and modified to maximize quality & yield. Plant tissue analysis in conjunction with soil testing is useful in evaluating fertilizer management programs and practices, diagnosing nutrient-related crop production problems and identifying nutrient levels in crops that may limit yield, growth and health.

The Plant tissue analysis lab was started on 2010-11. The laboratory is well equipped. The Laboratory facilitated to farmer to analysis for various essential nutrients. Nutrients of primary interest are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), sulphur (S), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn).

♦ Sample for testing
Crop Index tissue Sample Size
Rice 3rd leaf from apex 50 leaves
wheat Flage leaf 50 leaves
Maize Ear leaf 15 Leaves
Cotton 4th leaf from apex 50 Leaves
Tobacco 3rd leaf from top 15 Leaves
Potato fully developed leaf 15 leaves
Tomato Leaves adjacent to inflorescence 15 Leaves
Brinjal Petioles from most recent fully developed leaves 12 Leaves
Cucumber 5th leaf from tip 12 Leaves
Cabbage Wrapper leaf 15 Leaves
Cauliflower Most recent fully matured leaf 12 Leaves
Banana Petiole of 3rd open leaf from apex 15 Leaves
Guava 3rd pair of recently matured leaves 25 Leaves
Papaya 6th petiole from apex 20 Leaves
Pomegranate 8th leaf from apex 50 Leaves
Sapota 10th leaf from apex 30 Leaves

Source: Tandon,HLS.(2005)

♦  Time for testing: 5-7 days

♦ Report comprises Nutrient concentration in plant samples and recommendations to optimize the nutrient level in plant.

Developed By : Pallav.Mandal & Ramashish Nishad(Gujarat Vidyapeeth)